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Schematic of Dust Processing

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Operating Principle:

Dust gas enters into filter through the machine' s entrance;with the gas speed goes slow,heavier dust falls down into the funnel while lighter dust adheres to the surface of filter bag when filtrated with gas;cleaning gas will be expelled from blower' s vent.

Cleanout filter is installed on the top of filter bag and operates with the compress air (7kg/cm2) spray instantly ,
5 to 7 time air impetus was transmitted at the same time in order to bring expand vibration offect on the filter bag. In this way,filter bags clean every 3 minutes, and 1 second each time,so there will be no impact on the filtrate offect.

Dust collector with high static pressure or high air volume is applied for various industries such as chemistry,food,medical and electronic industries. It is also can treat effectively with dust collection for steel, non-ferrous metal, mine, all kinds of furnaces (cupola,melt furnace, incinerator),various drying,blend,mix exhaust devices.