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Schematic of Acid & Alkali Waste Gas Treatment

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Treatment Principle:

Countercurrent Vertical Scrubber(Horizontal cross-scrubber) could get rid of acid,alkaline.odorous etc, deleterious gas,and particulate which diameter is above 0.3-1μm from exhaust's principle is using air contact with  liquid  by adverse current and  particulate contamination in air contacts with scour, in which way particulate adds weight itself through dilation of drop film,so that be separated and wiped off via gravity and free fall.With  liquid diffusing, air contamination is purified by chemic reaction.

Countercurrent Vertical Scrubber(Horizontal cross-scrubber) is designed mainly for acid,alkaline exhaust gas treatment,such as HCL,HNO3, HCN, H2SO4 , HF, Cl2, etc.Most of its shape are columniform (quadrate), high anti-pressure intension lower in air drag index,high efficiency and save space. Usually this washer is used for treatment system with higher static pressure and lower air flow ( Usually this kind of washer is used for treatment system with higher air flow and lower static pressure and limited space. For example:when space is confined or height is limited ), its washing capacity up to 99%.

Reflux washer (Cross washer) is also suitable for other pollutions,such as solubility gas, liquid particles, solid particles, effluvium etc. It is usually made of PP, FRP, and PVC etc.

Treatment flow:

Nature of exhaust gas:acidity, alkaline and hydrophilic. Reflux washer is suitable due to in the condition of 12℃-20℃ , when the exhaust gas presents acidity, its water solubility between 76g-72g/100gH2O when it presents alkaline,68g-53g/100gH2O. When the gas was distributed evenly in floriated form through distributing plate ,each other touched by point to form ZW movement and avoid of deflective current phenomena,with the help of cyclone nozzle,it is sprayed at the angle of 1200 which can reach 90-96% mixing efficiency between gas and liquid.So that it can clean effectively and wipe off baneful gas via adding corrective liquid.