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Desulfurization Technological Process

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Desulfurization Product Processing System

This processing technology is composed by a set of complete system composition, including simple chemical process, factory design and implementation of high desulfurization process, desulphurization process reaction of gypsum quality. Sulfur dioxide removal is based on following reaction sequence:

2So2+O2+CaCO3+4H2O    2CaSo4+2H2O+2Co2 through desulfurization process remove waste water, it's very easy to remove soluble chloride and other salts compound, waste water treatment process can fully meet the standards of different countries and regions.


Cross-sectional view of the desulfurization tower

Main Features:

1. High practicability

2. High reliability, low energy consumption

3. Desulfurization efficiency more than 95%

4. Limestone utilization rate more than 95%

5. Allow change in load but does not affect desulfurization efficiency

6. Investment saving, pressure drop small, low maintenance costs


The desulfurization product handling system flowchart