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Exhaust Gas Desulfurization System

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This desulfurization tower adopts full steel structure design, includes: gas inlet and outlet damper system, spray system, fog dispersal system, OARS system, circulation system, by-products processing system, control system, etc.

The entire system is centralized control all by DCS control system, realize the automation of industrial products, reduce operation personnel labor intensity, improve the stability of the system,to ensure it is stable operation. DCS centralized control system is the core of dust removal and desulfurization, just in control room, through network and data transmission, able to ensure a complete set of dust removal, desulfurization and ash conveying stable running.

This DCS control system and on-line monitoring system are network control, through the emissions, the system can automatically adjust every operation parameters; At the same time also can through keyboard and working machine display show parameters, artificial make the adjustment or modification, reduce labor intensity outdoor work, guarantee the system safe, stable operation.